Economy Effecting High School Sports Field Equipment Budgets

baseball field equipment

Since 2008, after complete economic collapse, state budgets have gotten lower and lower over the years.

Unfortunately, one of the areas that gets impacted the worst when tough times hit is public education.

And when public education is impacted, the first areas to see major cutbacks are in the sports and extracurricular activities.  While communities can often pickup some of the slack through fundraisers and ticketing sales, its not enough, and some of the major expenses like field equipment for baseball, football, and other sports, as well as uniforms never get replaced and just age without refresh.

Think about some of the machinery that needs an occasional upgrade and refresh – mechanical equipment like pitching machines, batting cages, football training aids, and much more. There are a lot of important aspects to training and preparing kids for the game, that require a decent size budget to maintain.

When you lose automated equipment like a pitching machine for example, then your team’s batting overall suffers because they can’t get as many reps in without the consistency of fast pitch delivery from the machine. Without proper baseball training gear, your players simply won’t be as competitive, and top notch sports schools can find theirselves at the bottom of the pecking order in no time at all.

We realize that there are academic needs that take priority, and teacher salaries are more important. However, we need to understand at a local level the impact that these budgetary restrictions, constraints and politics will have on our youth and their ability to learn the sports they are interested in pursuing. Parents will need to do their best to keep their kids sharp and work with them outside of school on various sports with football or baseball tips, etc.